Manage Purchases

How to create, send and track supplier orders

Published on 03/15/2022Sébastien Vassaux

How to prepare orders based on stock levels

Set minimum and target stock quantities to prepare orders based on stock levels

Published on 05/19/2023Hind Andaloussi

How do I declare delivery anomalies and generate a report?

Find out how to receive an order in melba

Published on 12/06/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to prepare supplier orders from a template

Carry out supplier orders from a template of products calibrated in the desired quantities

Published on 10/21/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to prepare orders from production

Prepare supplier orders from a production schedule

Published on 07/12/2022

Understand and use the supplier orders section

Place an order with melba: generate the list of products to order by supplier, go back to your past orders to analyze or repeat them.

Published on 05/19/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to receive an order?

Steps and options for receiving a purchase order

Published on 04/04/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to send an order?

Parameters and options for sending supplier orders

Published on 03/29/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to duplicate an order?

Duplicate an order, adjust quantities and resend it to save time in daily management.

Published on 03/29/2022Hind Andaloussi