How to create production tasks

Create and list recipes to manufacture or products to transform, to centralize and plan production

Published on 12/08/2021Hind Andaloussi

What is a production job?

A task is an operation of manufacturing or processing raw materials.

It is therefore very concretely:

  • A recipe to be produced or an item to be transformed;
  • the quantity of which must be calibrated to manufacture or handle;
  • select the production unit (portion, weight, etc.);
  • choose the production date;
  • to allow its planning, then its production.

The list also provides visibility on the total cost of each task,

How do I create a production job?

The list of production tasks is accessible in the Production tab   of the main menu

To create a task you must:

  1. Click on  Add a product via the " + " at the bottom left
  2. Select the product to manufacture or transform
  3. Enter the quantity to be produced
  4. Select the production unit
  5. Enter the production date
  6. Validate by clicking on the Schedule button 

If the task has already been produced at the time of entry, it is possible to activate the option Mark as done.

What are the possible actions on the tasks?

From the list of production tasks, several operations are accessible in the contextual menu of a task represented by the symbol "  ":

  • Edit task
    To adjust quantities, units, and date if necessary
  • Attach supplier labels
    To trace the products within a production intended for sale
  • Prepare orders
    To generate orders by supplier
  • Add to template
    To reference the task in a template and perform recurring actions
  • Print receipts
    To print production vouchers, commissary vouchers or even the dispatch of products
  • Add to sales
    Offer the products for sale by sending them to the sales module
  • Duplicate
    To reproduce a past production at a later date
  • Store the products
    To increase the stocks of the products on the list
  • Destock products
    To deduct the products on the list from stocks
  • Add a comment
    To provide details visible to other collaborators
  • Export the list
    To obtain the list in Excel or PDF format and share it with a third party