Orders view

List of all past, current and future supplier orders

Published on 03/15/2022Hind Andaloussi

The list of supplier orders is accessible in the Supplier orders tab of the main menu.

In the drop-down header, select Order View.

The Orders view is an exhaustive list of all past, current and future orders.

In this view, each line corresponds to an order. That is to say a need for products, expressed with a given supplier, on a given date. This is a standard view, the most relevant when it comes to tracking order statuses, or to access the content of each order and adjust it.

The most common search criteria are available directly as drop-down filters:

  • By period: All periods, today, tomorrow, this week.
  • By status: All statuses, preparation, sent, received.

You can easily find orders by refining the search through more advanced filters .

You can also create an ex-nihilo command there