Understand and exploit the sales section

Discover the benefits of combining your sales with precise knowledge of the dishes and their costs per melba: manage your business by the margin, manage your quotes, manage your kitchen or central production lab.

Published on 03/18/2022Hind Andaloussi

Drive your business from the margin

In catering, almost everyone manages their business on a day-to-day basis, by turnover.

Why ? Because collection software is not a cost specialist like melba and it is complicated to combine the two without resorting to tedious operations.

Melba allows you to benefit from the calculation of margins, to evaluate the profit per working day and to carry out corrective actions as soon as this profit is not satisfactory so as not to be "cheated" by an unprofitable turnover.

To simplify the lives of restaurateurs, melba offers direct connections to the main cash register software and online sales services, as well as excel & csv import actions. Our goal is not to replace these tools but to combine our respective expertise.

Manage quotes

What is a quote? It's a sale that could happen.

This is why sales begin with a "Created" status before switching to "Pending" and then concluding "Sold" or canceling out "Cancelled".

Caterers and other professions that need to produce quotes will be able to use melba to assess potential turnover and margin. An evolution of the sales module will consist of allowing customers to enter their contact details and send them a well-formatted quote, which will include both the food products present on melba but also the services and other non-food services.

Manage your central kitchen

For a lab with a central kitchen operation, sales are orders from distribution points.

Melba allows a production lab or central kitchen to share at its points of sale, catalogs of recipes into items to order. The points of sale can thus place an order with the kitchen, which will receive the production needs directly in the sales section. The production team will take care of processing the sales and will only have to dispatch to the post-production distribution sites!

Sale price view

List of all sales packaging and corresponding prices

Sale lines view

Analysis view of all products sold, over all periods and in all sales statuses.

Sales view

List of all past, current and future sales