How to create sales - or quotes

Create and plan your sales or services on melba

Published on 03/22/2022Hind Andaloussi

How do I create a sale or quote?

Creating a sale consists of listing the products that you plan to sell.

You can associate a customer, a date, and thus make sales forecasts before sending the corresponding quotes or producing the tasks concerned.

A newly created sale therefore has the status of "created" and can be edited as long as it is not sent.

There are several methods to create sales, depending on how the establishment works:

  • Create sales from production
  • Create sales from a template
    Or as shown here:
  • Create ex nihilo sales, in other words create an empty sale then add products

Set up product sales information

To be listed for sale, a product must have sales information.

To do this, go to the "sales information" section of the item's page, then add a sale price .

Create a sale and add products

Sales are accessible in the Sales tab of the main menu

The drop-down title in the header displays the Sales View by default.

To create a new sale:

  • Click on the floating button Create a sale or an estimate at the bottom left
    In the creation mode:
  • Enter a designation
  • Select the destination customer (optional)
  • Select the scheduled sale date
  • Validate by clicking on Create the sale

Add an existing product

To add a product previously created and already present in the melba database

  • Click on the Add an existing product floating button at the bottom left
  • The sidebar opens with all the references of products offered for sale
  • Select the products for this sale

Add a custom product

To add a product not present in the melba base

Option mainly used for products that represent a non-food service (e.g. room rental)

  • Click on the Add a custom product floating button at the bottom left
  • Enter a name of the product or service
  • Enter a quantity
  • Enter the sales unit
  • Enter unit cost
  • Enter the selling price
  • Select VAT
  • Choose whether it is Values ​​including VAT or Values ​​excluding VAT
  • Validate by clicking on Add product

Add Comment to Sales

On melba, it is possible to add a comment to each sale. This feature is useful for anchoring specific information and logging it. For example, in the context of the use of melba by multiple people within an establishment, the comments make it possible to transmit information relating to the sale.

To add a comment to a sale:

  • In the sales list
  • Click on the contextual menu of a sale represented by the symbol "  "
  • Click Add Comment
  • Enter comment
  • Validate by clicking on Add

  • In the screen of a sale
  • Click on the Other actions drop-down menu
  • Click Add Comment
  • Enter comment
  • Validate by clicking on Add