Refer melba and earn up to €2000

By recommending melba to your contacts, you can save up to €2000 on your subscription

Published on 05/24/2023Sébastien Vassaux

How does the referral work

Referral consists of recommending the melba application to one of your contacts.

In your professional network, many relatives may need melba to manage their business.

If you recommend melba to an external actor that we do not know and that the latter subscribes, then you will receive a subscription credit on your account of an amount equal to €75 per module to which she subscribes annually and 50% of the first payment otherwise:

  • if he subscribes quarterly to 2 modules quarterly: 2 * €150 / 2 = €150
  • if he subscribes annually to all 6 modules for 2 sites: 6 * €75 * 2 = €900


We recommend the following steps:

  • Share access to our application via the sponsorship modal available on the dashboard.
  • Organize a presentation session with him on how you use the tool.
  • Ask him to contact us for a demonstration.

⏩ The more help you provide, the greater the chances of subscription.

Subscription credit rules

The financial advantage takes the form of a subscription credit: the sum is paid into your internal melba account and is deducted from your next payments.

The credit does not apply between establishments of the same structure. It only applies in case of subscription and payment of a new company that melba did not know before the referral.

The credit is applied only if you have validated other payments and is limited to what is due for the rest of the year.