How do I generate a commissary voucher?

Are your recipes ready to be produced?You can now generate a commissary voucher to list the quantities of raw products to be used

Published on 10/21/2022Hind Andaloussi

Definition of the commissary voucher

The commissary voucher corresponds to the list of products relating to a production need, in their gross quantity.

It makes it possible to obtain the exhaustive list of ingredients to be taken out of the various storage areas to prepare a production.

How do I get the commissary voucher?

From a template or a production task selection (because the quantities to be produced must be entered):

  1. Click the Print Recipes button
  2. Select the Commissary Voucher tab
  3. Confirm by clicking Print to open the print window or get the PDF

Commissary voucher printing options

The commissary voucher has the following options:

  • Display sub-recipe information : option that allows you to list the ingredients of the recipes and those of the different levels of sub-recipes in the commissary voucher as well.
    If some recipes have sub-recipes already produced upstream, unchecking this option allows you to ignore their quantities and only display the direct ingredients of the recipe.

How to get PDF file from print?

To generate a PDF file, you can use your browser.

Google Chrome natively supports PDF printing.

To generate a production slip in PDF:

  1. Click on the Print recipes or Multiply / Print button
  2. Confirm by clicking again on Print to open the print window
  3. Among the destination options, it is possible to choose Save as PDF

A little further down, in the More settings section of the print window, options also allow you to:

  • Remove headers and footers, if these are unwanted
  • Keep background graphics options:
    - Show allergens as a tag
    - Show alternate color backgrounds for easier reading