Sale price view

List of all sales packaging and corresponding prices

Published on 05/19/2022Hind Andaloussi

The list of sales prices is accessible either from the Articles or Recipes sections (depending on the type of product you want to consult), or in the Sales section of the main menu.

In the drop-down header, select Sale Price View.

The Selling price view lists all the selling units of the products offered for sale.

In this view, each row corresponds to a sales package. We can therefore find several lines for the same product; as many times as it has a different sales unit.

This is a view dedicated to:

  • Analysis of margins by packaging for each product
  • Verification and editing of sales information
  • Export of product sales information

The most common search criteria are available directly as drop-down filters:

  • By margin: Critical margin < 30%, low margin < 60%, medium margin < 80%, high margin >= 80%

You can very simply find sales prices by refining the search through more advanced filters .