How to plan production from stock levels

Set minimum stock and target stock quantities to produce based on recipe stock levels

Published on 05/19/2023Hind Andaloussi

Why plan production based on inventory?

It is important not to immobilize too much value in stock: this is one of the main axes to improve its profitability.

Scheduling production based on recipe inventory levels is a relatively common method, which drastically reduces losses by producing only the top-up necessary for the proper functioning of the establishment.

How to plan production according to stocks?

Set minimum stock and target stock quantities

To plan its production from its stock level, a recipe must at least have in its stock information, the indication of the minimum quantity and/or the target quantity that it must necessarily present to ensure sales, and to avoid product breakage.

To create and set up stock units:

  • You have to go to the "stock information" section of the recipe page;
  • Then add a stock unit

It is also possible to configure these different quantities directly in the recipe stock views.

Choose a production strategy

Production planning according to stocks is possible from the Inventory & stock management tab  of the main menu

In the drop-down title in the header, select Recipe stocks state view.

Once the stock units have been configured, two ordering strategies are possible:

  • Produce the minimum stock: Produce the quantities corresponding to the safety stock to avoid shortages
  • Produce the minimum stock: Produce the quantities corresponding to the buffer stock to ensure sales and compensate for contingencies

An option will then make it possible to deduct the available stocks to produce only the missing differential.

Plan production from recipe stocks

To schedule production:

Check that the recipe units to be produced are configured and have a positive minimum stock and/or target stock value, this is the planning activating parameter so only these units will be sent to production.

  • Click on the Plan production
    button In the planning mode:
  • Select production date (current date by default)
  • Select a production strategy from:
    - Produce the minimum stock
    - Produce the target stock
  • Options allow you to:
    - Add sub-recipes in separate tasks
    - Merge identical items
    - Deduct quantities in stock
    - Mark as “done”
  • Validate by clicking on Create