How to receive an order?

Steps and options for receiving a purchase order

Published on 04/04/2022Hind Andaloussi

When the supplier orders are physically delivered, they are then found in the list of orders filtered on the status sent , in order to receive them.

Orders are accessible in the  Supplier orders tab  of the main menu

The drop-down title in the header displays the  Orders view by default .

Among the different commands whose status is "sent", select  the command to receive .

Before receiving an order, you must first check that the quantities received are in accordance with the quantities ordered, or edit them if necessary.

Simple reception

  1. Click on the receive button
  2. In the reception mode:
    - The Restock products option allows the stocks to be automatically increased by the quantities received
    - Select Simple reception if there are no traceability issues for the products received
  3. Confirm receipt of the order by clicking on the receive button

Receipt with traceability

Receiving an order with traceability consists of recording the supplier labels including the batch number of each product at the time of receipt:

  1. Click on the receive button
  2. In the reception mode:
    - The Restock products option is used to automatically increase the stocks by the quantities received
    - Select Receipt with traceability to start recording supplier labels
  3. Confirm the type of receipt by clicking on the receipt button

In the supplier label registration mode:

  1. For each item whose name and packaging is displayed
  2. Select product DLC from calendar
  3. Enter the batch number that appears on the supplier label
  4. Click on Add a label if the product is delivered in several different batches
  5. Click on Validate and next to scroll through the products to be entered
  6. Click Skip when a product does not need to be registered

In both cases, if the unit cost of the items has been updated by the supplier, it is advisable to adjust it before receipt.

It will be automatically updated in the item information and taken into account in the calculation of the cost of the recipes.