How to create multiple ingredients

Add multiple items at once

Published on 01/07/2022Hind Andaloussi

Why opt for multiple creation?

With a basis similar to the simple creation. This list or table format allows you to create up to 50 ingredients very easily on the same screen.

This option offers the additional possibility of directly entering the purchase information of the articles. Ideal for loading all the ingredients of a recipe at once and getting started very quickly with the benefit of cost indicators, margins ...

How to create multiple articles?

Multiple creation is available from the Items tab   of the main menu

Click on the floating button Create multiple articles accessible via the + " at the bottom left.

In the article creation modal, for each line:

  1. Enter the designation
  2. Select category
  3. Select type
  4. Select allergens
  5. Add purchase information
  6. Remove empty lines if there are any
  7. Add lines via the 1/5/10 pads to add new products
  8. Validate by clicking on Create articles

If an error occurs, it will be indicated by a "!" red level of the corresponding line as well as an error notification.

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