How to register supplier labels and batches?

Register supplier labels to apply the HACCP method

Published on 12/02/2021Hind Andaloussi

Why and how to trace the journey of food products from end to end thanks to the registration of supplier labels, to meet HACCP regulations

Why save supplier labels?

An establishment has the obligation to guarantee that it is able to identify the traceability of a product, so that it can in particular be withdrawn from sale in the event of a health safety problem. To do this, he must archive the documentation that makes it possible to trace a foodstuff, from its purchase to its distribution.

On melba, it is possible to:

  • Record the supplier labels by entering the DLC, the batch number and the photo of the label upon receipt of an order, in order to quickly identify the source and the date of provenance of the product.
  • Associate supplier labels with production tasks, in order to allow the traceability of the merchandise right down to the products made and sold.

The mobile version of melba makes it easy to capture this information.

How to register supplier labels?

Save when receiving an order

Usually, the registration of labels is done at the time of delivery of the goods.

The list of orders to be received is accessible in the Supplier orders tab of the main menu

The drop-down title in the header displays by default the Orders View, which can be filtered on received orders only, using the Status filter above the list.

To create a label you must:

  1. Select the order to receive
  2. Click on the main Receive button
  3. In the reception mode:
    - Select the Reception with traceability option
  4. In the mode for creating supplier labels:
    - Enter the DLC
    - Enter the batch number
    - Upload a photo or directly capture the label
    - Go to the next product by clicking on the Validate button
    (or on Ignore if the product is not not traceable)
    Add a new label if the product is delivered in several separate packages.

Saved labels are available in the Supplier Labels view accessible in the Traceability tab of the main menu.

Save during production

In other cases, label registration is done at the time of production, when the products leave the storage areas. This practice makes it possible to trace only products about to be processed and then sold.

In this case, creation from production makes it possible to automatically associate the new labels with the task (planned recipe) that one wishes to produce.

To save supplier labels from production, or to associate labels already created with production tasks, go to the Production tab of the main menu.

In the contextual menu of a task represented by the symbol "  "

  1. Click on the Attach supplier labels action
  2. In the modal listing the items present in the recipe, select the product to trace
  3. Associate a label if there is one by clicking on the " + " or add a label (automatically associated):
  • It is possible to associate previously created labels with production tasks
  • It is also possible to associate several supplier labels with one of the products in the task.

Save directly to the list of labels

If the opportune time to save the labels is neither upon receipt nor during production, there is still the possibility of generating them more flexibly directly from the list of all labels.

The list of supplier labels is accessible in the Traceability tab of the main menu

The drop-down title in the page header allows you to select the Supplier labels view

To create a new label you must:

  1. Click on Add a supplier label via the " + " at the bottom left
  2. Select the product you want to trace
  3. In the supplier label creation mode:
    - Enter the DLC
    - Enter the batch number
    - Upload a photo or directly capture the label
    - Validate the label by clicking on the Create button