How to schedule your production

Different planning options allow you to program the production of recipes

Published on 04/12/2022Hind Andaloussi

Schedule and monitor production in the kitchen

A certain number of establishments conclude sales before scheduling the corresponding production.

In this sense, the schedule makes it possible to:

  • Schedule and schedule production
  • Facilitate and redistribute work in the kitchen with  production vouchers  (multiplied recipes)
  • Follow the progress of the different tasks and analyze the production history
  • Update the status of "done" tasks to generate INCO labels and production labels
  • Prepare  supplier orders  from the schedule
  • Effectively organize post-production dispatch
  • Record sales at the end of the day and program the differential

Schedule production from sales

Sales are accessible in the  Sales  tab of the main menu

To plan production based on sales, you must:

  1. Create  or import sales
  2. Adjust product quantities for each sale
  3. Select sales to go into production
  4. Click on the  Schedule production button

In the planning mode:

  1. Select production date
  2. Select from the options
    - Include sub-recipes > To create individual tasks for intermediate recipes
    - Merge identical elements > To produce recipes common to several tasks at once
    - Deduct the quantities in stock > To produce only the differential necessary (and to dispose of stocks as a priority)
    - Mark as “done” > To classify the tasks if they have already been produced.
  3. Validate by clicking on  Schedule

On validation, the user is automatically redirected to production.

Duplicate a past production

All the recipes referenced in the production can be duplicated, in order to reproduce the same production scheme later in time.

To duplicate a past production you must:

  1. Select tasks to renew
  2. Click the  Duplicate button in the Other Actions drop-down menu

In the duplicate mode:

  1. Select the option among:
    - Shift the dates > Keep the same gaps from the chosen date
    - Set a date > Apply the single chosen date to all the recipes
    - Copy the dates > Copy each recipe and its initial date to the same
  2. Select a date if the chosen option is Shift or Set date.

Upon validation, the newly duplicated tasks appear in the list, classified according to the option chosen.

Programming production ex-nihilo

It is more simply possible to plan the production by adding the tasks one by one directly in the production.

How to create production tasks

Create and list recipes to manufacture or products to transform, to centralize and plan production