How to Create a Unit?

Create a packaging, production or sales unit.

Published on 08/31/2021Hind Andaloussi

Creating a unit on Melba is simple and intuitive. A unit always fits into a given context. In this case: the purchase of an item, the production or the sale of a product.

Create a unit

By default, Melba offers standard units of weight and volume.

If you want to create a personalized unit, you must click on “ Create a unit ” on the screen of an ingredient or a recipe, under the table of units.

For packaged products (which have packaging and are not sold in bulk), a personalized unit must be created corresponding to the packaging. This then makes it easier to place orders by rounding up your needs to a multiple of the packaging.

If you choose to create a custom unit, indicate:

  • the name of the created custom unit.
  • its weight or volume equivalence if it is the first “personalized” unit created.

Do not forget to “ Validate ” to confirm the creation of the unit.

The portion is a type of unit that works a little differently from those mentioned above since it is managed at the recipe level. The portion represents a fractional amount of the starting recipe. 

It allows you to define a number of parts produced in a recipe without indicating any notion of weight or volume (eg: cake recipe for 6 people. Induces 6 portions, whatever the final weight of the cake recipe)

Portioning is configured when creating the recipe or in the main recipe information. On the first screen, you are asked to choose either:

  • a number of servings per recipe
  • or one weight per serving
  • or no portion managed for this recipe

Edit a unit

The different units of a product are not subject to the same editing rules.

Item weight / volume units cannot be deleted:

  • weight => At least one mandatory weight unit + possibility to activate or deactivate the units
  • volume => Possibility to activate or deactivate the units

Room units can be edited and deleted:

  • custom parts / units => edit / delete

The name of the recipe and portion units can be edited via the table and they can be reconfigured or deleted via the general information at the top of the recipe screen;

  • recipe => edit / no deletion possible
  • portion => edit / delete via general recipe information.

Please note that if a product unit is used in the production of a recipe or if another unit refers to it, it cannot be deleted. An error message appears preventing the user from deleting.