How to duplicate an order?

Duplicate an order, adjust quantities and resend it to save time in daily management.

Published on 03/29/2022Hind Andaloussi

Why duplicate an order?

If orders from certain suppliers follow one another and look the same from one week to the next, duplicating an order placed saves precious minutes.

Duplicate the order, adjust the quantity of each product, resend. This listing option saves time in day-to-day order management.

How to duplicate an order?

Supplier orders are accessible in the Supplier orders tab  of the main menu

To duplicate an order, you must:

  1. Go to Command View
  2. Click on the contextual menu of the command represented by the symbol "  "
  3. Click on the Duplicate
    option If the status of the duplicated order was "sent or received", the freshly duplicated order is found in the orders in preparation.
  4. Go back to the order details and adjust the quantities if necessary
  5. Resend order