How to delete used ingredients and recipes

Filter recipes by sub product to identify and then remove items.

Published on 10/25/2022Hind Andaloussi

Deleting products from its article or recipe database is naturally secure, since these can be used in parent recipes, or even included in an order, production or sale operation in progress.

The action of deleting a product is therefore only possible if it is not used or exploited.

The deletion attempt will trigger a notification informing the user of the type of use of the product.

How do I delete a used product?

When the product is used in a recipe

The objective is to identify in which recipe(s) this product is present in order to remove or replace it. It will no longer be attached to one or more parent products, and may therefore be deleted.

To delete a sub-product, item or recipe used in a recipe, you must:

  1. Filter the list of recipes by: sub-product > is equal to > name of the product to be deleted
  2. In the list of results, open each recipe and remove the product from the composition of the recipe
  3. Delete by-product from parent recipe
  4. Delete this product (which is no longer attached and therefore no longer constitutes a by-product) from the article or recipe database

When the product is in production, order or sale

The goal here is to ensure that the product is not included in an "in progress" operation such as a job in production, an order or a sale. If this is the case, a notification informs the user in order to remove it and allow its deletion.

To remove a product, ingredient or recipe, included in an operation in progress:

  1. Search for a product using the filters according to the context of the list:
    - Production - Filter on "planned" status
    - View order lines - Filter on "in preparation" status
    - View sales lines - Filter on "created" status or "pending"
  2. Delete the product from the operation
  3. Delete the product from the articles or recipes database