Share catalogs with groups

Build product catalogs to share with other organizations

Published on 02/17/2022Hind Andaloussi

How to share a catalog?

Once the catalog has been developed and the suppliers have been configured, the objective of the catalog is to be shared.

  • It is possible to associate a group with a catalog:
  1. In a Catalog
  2. Click on  Groups
  3. Link or unlink groups
  • Or conversely to associate a catalog with a group:
  1. In a Group
  2. Click on  Catalogs
  3. Link or unlink catalogs

How to use a shared catalog?

When a recipe catalog is created, the by-products of each recipe are also added to this catalog.

This allows beneficiary organizations to exploit and manipulate item data as well.

To use data from a shared catalog, the products must be synchronized. That is to say, load the products of the catalog so that these are found in the lists Items and receipts of the beneficiary organization.

Then synchronize the products from the catalog:

  1. Click on  Synchronize products 
  2. Wait for loading time
  3. At 100% , a notification indicates the correct synchronization of the data.
    They are now visible in the recipient organization's item and recipe lists.
  • An organization that wishes to benefit from the products of a catalog, then appropriate the data by personalizing it, will initiate a synchronization only once . Please note that a second synchronization will overwrite the changes made in favor of the initial version of the product.
  • An organization that operates on a daily basis with the same products as the organization that owns the catalog (= the same characteristics) will engage in regular synchronization to ensure that it has constantly up-to-date data.
  • The date that appears in the list of products in the catalog is the indicator that shows a modification of the product by the owner of the catalog.