How to create a stock unit

Set up storage units for an item

Published on 01/04/2022Hind Andaloussi

What is a unit of stock?

To monitor stock status with melba, you have to define the units in which you store the different products.

Stock units can correspond to:

  • Per unit purchase of an
    undefinedundefined item
  • To the reference unit of the purchase unit (or other lower unit)
    When the initial purchase format of the product is unpacked for distribution to different storage areas
    Ex. 6 chicken fillets that are will store in the kitchen refrigerator
  • To a personalized unit
    When repackaging or transforming a product
    Ex. A tupperware of 6 chicken fillets cut into cubes that will be stored in the refrigerated table in the kitchen
  • To a unit of weight
    Ex. 2 kg of chicken
  • By the unit of sale of an
    undefined product, article or recipe

How to create a stock unit?

In the item form, to indicate the purchase units, click on Add a stock unit :

  1. Enter the quantities in the corresponding fields:
    - The quantity in stock (at the time of entry)
    - The minimum quantity (or safety stock to avoid shortages)
    - The target quantity (or buffer stock to ensure production and mitigate contingencies )
  2. Select storage unit
  3. Select storage area
  4. Select the reference purchasing unit> To value the cost of the total stock
  5. Select the reference sales unit> To value the turnover corresponding to the total stock
  6. Validate by clicking on the Add button 
  • To save a few clicks, when creating an article, a stock unit is automatically created by weight or volume depending on the type of article. All that remains is to configure it.
  • It is possible to configure the different quantities directly in the item or recipe stock views.
  • In these same stock views, each of the units can be edited by clicking on the contextual menu of the row.