How to create a sale price?

Set up sales information for an item

Published on 03/17/2022Hind Andaloussi

What is a sale price?

To log and analyze sales with melba, you have to define the units with which you plan to sell your products.

It is possible to create as many selling prices for the same product as there is a selling format per establishment.

  • I sell it on the spot by the portion:
    Packaging = ramekin; sale price = 8€; sales unit = ramekin; VAT = 10%
  • I sell it to take away by the portion:
    Packaging = kraft dessert box; selling price = €6.60; sales unit = portion; VAT = 5.5%

How to create a sale price?

In the record of an item, to enter sales information, click on Add a sale price :

  1. Select sales packaging
  2. Enter the selling price including VAT
  3. Select price unit
  4. Enter the sales code (optional)
  5. Select the applicable VAT (it is possible to enter a custom VAT)
  6. Select the unit of the cost (this is most often the packaging, in some cases it can be relative to the weight)
  7. An option "Internal sale price intended for my points of sale" can be activated (for central kitchens or production labs)
  8. Validate by clicking on the  Add button

What is an internal sale price?

The internal selling price is an option intended for organizations of the central kitchen or central purchasing type.

Activating this criterion makes it possible to take this sale price into account when sharing catalogs of the Products to order type .

This type of catalog allows a production lab or a central kitchen to share at its points of sale, all the products on sale as items to order. The recipient organization receives all catalog products in ready-to-order format.

Once activated, this option is identifiable by a purple tag with the mention " Internal" , visible at the level of the sale price.