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How to set up your subscription

Modulate the subscription to suit your needs

Published on 10/08/2021Hind Andaloussi

Melba is made up of many users, different sectors of activity, and issues specific to each professional.

The subscription is designed in a modular way and adapted to the use of each one.

This translates into the choice of application modules, the formula, or even the billing frequency.

The composition of the offer

Application modules

melba is 5 constantly evolving business modules

  • Core: Which includes administration, models and data imports / exports
  • Stocks and Orders: Which includes the optimization of stocks, inventories and supply management
  • Recipes & Sales: Which includes recipe data sheets and sales analysis
  • Traceability: Which includes food hygiene & traceability (HACCP)
  • API: Which includes real-time data centralization and synchronization

Simple or Pro formulas

Each of the modules presents several formulas

  • A 7-day Trial period that contains:
    Basic features and data
  • A Simple formula that contains:
    The basic functionalities + the essentials to manage your activity
  • A Pro formula that contains:
    Basic functionalities + essentials + advanced functionalities

Billing frequency

Each of the modules may be subject to a specific billing frequency

  • Quarterly invoicing, flexible and without commitment;
  • Annual billing, which provides a reduction worth two monthly payments.

Configure your subscription

In the administration menu, go to the 'Subscription' section

The 'My subscription' view presents a summary of the modules present in the current subscription.

By clicking on the 'Modify my subscription' button:

  • The current modules of the offer change state and are now configurable;
  • New modules appear when you click on 'Add to subscription' and also become configurable.

It is thus possible to:

  • Enhance the subscription by adding new business bricks;
  • Switch to the Pro formula of a module to obtain advanced features;
  • Reduce the invoicing frequency of a module to benefit from the related advantages.

When validating the changes, the information is recorded and taken into account in the generation of subsequent invoices, and the summary view shows the new blocks and subscription criteria.

If no payment method is registered, the user will first be asked to enter one before validating the changes.

* It is possible to get in touch with the team for any more specific change.

The bills

Billing and payment information

In the administration menu, section 'Subscription':

The 'My information' view is accessible via the drop-down title in the page header.

To purchase a subscription, it is essential to ensure that the required billing and payment information is entered correctly.

All of this information can be changed at any time.

Where can I find the invoices?

In the administration menu, section 'Subscription':

The 'My invoices' view is accessible via the drop-down title in the page header.

The list lists all the invoices since the subscription.

It is possible to download an invoice by clicking on the download icon.

It is also possible to obtain the receipt (or paid invoice) by clicking on the link at the bottom of the downloaded invoice.