Manage production

Plan your production, share recipe sheets, prepare orders, manage labeling

Published on 12/08/2021Sébastien Vassaux

Why add by-products to the production schedule?

Plan by-product transformation tasks

Published on 12/15/2021Hind Andaloussi

How to create production tasks

Create and list recipes to manufacture or products to transform, to centralize and plan production

Published on 12/08/2021Hind Andaloussi

Understand and operate the production section

Organize the production with melba: prepare the list of tasks to be done to better collaborate and avoid mistakes, look back on your past productions to analyze them or repeat them.

Published on 12/08/2021Hind Andaloussi

How to Edit a Recipe?

Editing a recipe: adding or modifying information

Published on 08/31/2021Cladie Olivier