Discover the Production Module

Discover how to organize your production with Melba: prepare the list of tasks to be carried out to facilitate communication with your colleagues and avoid errors, go back over your past productions to analyze or repeat them.

Published on 08/31/2021Sébastien Vassaux

To drive your business from the margin

In catering, almost everyone manages their business from day to day via turnover.

Why? Because POS software are not cost specialists like Melba and it is complicated to combine the two without resorting to tedious operations.

You can now list your sales in Melba and benefit from the calculation of your margin. Thus, you will be able to evaluate your profit per working day and take corrective actions as soon as this profit does not satisfy you. You will no longer be "fooled" by unprofitable sales.

To make your life easier, we will be offering excel & csv import actions as well as direct connections to the main cash register software and online sales service. Our goal is not to replace these tools but to combine our respective expertise.

To manage your quotes

What is a quote? It is a sale that could materialize.

This is why sales start with a "Created" status before switching to "Pending" and then ending in "Sold" or in canceling "Canceled".

Caterers and other professions that need quotes can use Melba to assess potential revenue and margin. An evolution of the sales module will consist in making it possible to enter the contact details of its customers and send them a well-formatted quote, which will include both the food products present on Melba but also the services and other non-food services.

To manage your central kitchen

If you have a lab with central kitchen operation, the sales from that lab are orders from distribution points.

You can therefore share access to distribution point managers and ask them to create sales that your production team will handle!

After production, all you have to do is dispatch to the distribution sites!