The stock movement view

The stock movement view lists all the positive (restock) or negative (destock) variations in the stock of a product

Published on 06/22/2022Hind Andaloussi

What are stock movements?

The stock movement view is an exhaustive list of all positive (restock) or negative (destock) variations in the stock of an organization's products.

This is a view intended for inventory analysis and adjustment:

  • It contains all the lines of transactions recorded automatically by the application, as well as their nature.
  • We can adjust the levels by creating movements manually, in order to bring them closer to the real stocks.
  • The cost is automatically calculated according to the nature of the movement (order, sale, production task, losses) and its value at the time of the movement.

UsingAdvanced Filtersto filter stock movements by type of transaction, allows you to analyze the nature of discrepancies, in particular that of losses.

How to create a custom stock movement?

The list of stock movements for each product is accessible in the Articles or Recipes tab of the main menu.

In the drop-down header, select the Inventory Movement View.

To create a manual movement, you must:

  1. Click on  Add a stock movement  via the " + " at the bottom left
  2. Select the product and its stock unit
  3. In the modal:
    Select the type of movement (unsold, breakage, loss in the kitchen, personal meal, etc.)
    Select the nature of the movement: Destock / Restock
    Enter the quantity concerned by the movement
    Enter an optional description
  4. Validate by clicking on the  Add button

How to cancel a stock movement?

Undoing a stock movement line is to generate a movement of a reverse nature.

This is technically what happens on the app. The canceled movement is therefore represented by a new line all the characteristics of which are similar except for the quantity which has the inverse sign value.

To cancel a stock movement:

  1. In the list of stock movements
  2. Click on the contextual menu of a line represented by the symbol "  "
  3. Click  Cancel Line
  4. Validate by clicking on  Confirm

Upon confirmation of cancellation:

  • A restock line, whose quantity is positive and displayed in green, appears if the canceled line is a destock.
  • A destock line, whose quantity is negative and displayed in red, appears if the canceled line is a restock.
  • The canceled line is designated by an orange "inverted" icon.