How to Edit a Recipe?

Editing a recipe: adding or modifying information

Published on 08/31/2021Cladie Olivier

The editing of a recipe occurs once it is created, and is used to complete or modify its information. Here are the steps and a few tips to fill in a recipe database.

After you create a recipe:

Editing a recipe is used to complete or modify information relating to:

  • identification (description, internal code, category, image)
  • the composition of the recipe
  • the production stages
  • sales information (packaging, price)
  • revenue units 

To edit a recipe, you must:

1. Select the recipe from the list to access its advisory view.

2. Enter or modify the information by simply clicking on it.

Assign a category

Assigning a category to a recipe makes it easier to find it in a list.

⏩ Check out Configure your categories of articles and recipes

You must therefore choose from among the proposals displayed in the "Category" drop-down selector which will have been configured upstream.

Integrate ingredients or intermediate recipes into a recipe

Once you have filled in the information in the identification block, you can proceed to the integration of the products (ingredients, sub-recipes) in the recipe you are composing. 

To add ingredients / recipes to your recipe, you must:

1. Go to the “ Composition of the recipe ” block

2. Click on “ Search and add an article or a recipe ”

3. Enter the name of the product (ingredients, sub-recipes) you want to add (The more precise the name of your product, the faster you will find it).

4. Select the item from the list that appears

You can then choose the quantity to add according to the appropriate production unit.

5. Click on " Add "

Your product is added to the list. You can at any time:

  • modify it by clicking on it
  • delete it by clicking on it, then on the recycle bin

Determine the production stages of your recipe

You can indicate each step in the production of your recipe with a precise description.

To add a step, you must:

  • Click on “ Create a step ”
  • Enter the “ Step name ” and its “ Description ”
  • Click on “ Validate ”

It appears in your list. You can add as many steps as you want. They will be displayed one after the other. At any time you can:

  • Modify a step by clicking on it
  • Delete a step by clicking on it then, “ Delete ”
  • Rearrange the order of your steps by selecting the " Drag & Drop " icon and dragging the step to the location of your choice. 

Manage recipe units

If you are creating a recipe for the first time, it is advisable to read the Melba Unit System article first.

First, select all the standard units of weight and volume that will be useful in the use of this recipe in the different contexts (production, sale...)

Also find in the table, the Recipe and Portion units if you have applied a portioning rule to your recipe.

Finally, you can create completely customizable and flexible units (ex: a ramekin of creme brulee, etc.)

Manage the sales units of the recipe

If your recipe is ready to serve and therefore destined to be sold, you must indicate a sales unit. You will have a list of all the packaging that will potentially be used when selling your recipe. This makes it possible to obtain the calculation of its gross margin and to seek to optimize it.

For example:

The “raspberry pie” recipe is sold by the pie or by the portion, i.e. the “piece of pie”. A pie contains 6 portions. A selling price is fixed for the parts of the pie and the whole pie. Let's imagine: € 2.50 per share and € 10.50 for the whole pie. Here the margin made for the part and the whole pie is not linear. To take this difference into account, it is necessary to manage these elements with different units.

To add a sales unit, you must:

1. Go into the block " sales information "

2. Click on “ Add a sales unit ”

3. Select a unit (or create a new unit on the same basis as the production unit)

4. Indicate a sale price

5. Indicate the applicable VAT

Delete the recipe

Before removing a recipe from your list, make sure it is not used in another one of your recipes. Indeed, if it is used, you will not be able to delete it! 

To delete a recipe:

  • From the list, when the mouse hovers over the recipe, click on the basket
  • Or, click on Delete in the "Other actions" menu of the recipe page
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on “ Delete ” in the confirmation modal